Remote Access - SSL-VPN configuration (Classic subscriptions)



Applies to: Cloud-link's and Classic BYOG subscriptions

Click here for newer OmniNet based subscriptions


Steps for setting up a Remote Access VPN:


**Please read the following article before proceeding:



The following is Type2 MethodB as described in the article above


-Portal Configuration-


1. Log in to your portal with your partner account


2. Select the Subscription/Cloud-link/OmniShield that you want to enable "Remote Access VPN" for.

**Take note of the URL on the Overview Page**

For example, it will look something like ""

(We will use this info on step 8)


3. Click on the Advanced page, turn on the "Remote Access VPN" enter a username and password of your choosing (Multiple users can be created)


4. Enter the desired Username and Password, and a bookmark (you can create any bookmark) and save your changes


-Client Side configuration-


5. Download and install the appropriate FortiClient version from THIS LINK


6. Run the setup wizard to install the FortiClient in your machine (Note: only VPN components are needed)


7. Launch the FortiClient, select "Add a new connection"


8. Fill in:  

- Connection Name: As desired

- Description: As desired

- Remote Gateway: Insert the FQDN of the mdsremote URL of the subscription you want to connect to*

*Use info from step2, i.e. would look something like "" no quotes

- Customize port:  Check the box for Customize port, and set the port to "20443"


9. Apply the settings and then launch that connection. Log in using one of the username and password combos from step 4


10. Connect and test


OmniNet support can help with either of the steps above if you have any trouble connecting. Feel free to let us know, and we'll be more than glad to assist.





Direct link to ssl-vpn standalone client:


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