OmniBridge-30 (Setup Questionnaire for BETA TEST PARTNERS)

OmniBridge (3 Port Model)

Question: I'm an part of the OmniWAN BETA Test program, how do I get started?


First, please take a look below and respond to the questions that you can up front.  Also, once you have received your OmniBridge, plug-in the OmniBridge using Port1/LAN1 into a free LAN port with upstream internet access and DHCP server.  This will help verify the unit can successfully connect to the MDS' OmniWAN datacenter.

Portal Information:
The Mdsmanager poral, will list your assigned OmniWAN Test subscription associated with your OmniBridge.  Look for the last 10 characters of the serial to match the subscription on your portal.
General OmniBridge/OmniWAN Information:
Hardware: 1 - 3port OmniBridge
In your portal, look for the subscription labeled "OmniWAN Trial" that begins with serial "OBR030..."
---Send the following to support---
Required OmniBridge Specific Information below: Please complete requested sections below
"TDS OmniWAN Trial" - OBR030**********  <- 16 characters
Port1/"LAN1" = WAN1
-> Please connect to uplink port with internet access and DHCP
- ISP Type: Cable/DSL/Fiber etc. - ->__________________
- ISP Provisioned Speed - - > _________________
Port2/"LAN2" = WAN2: (Optional) For use on ISP with Static WAN IP
Note: If this is needed, please provide ISP IP, Subnet, Gateway for uplink
- ISP WAN IP - - > _____________
- ISP WAN SUBNET - - > ____________
- ISP WAN Gateway - - > _________________
- ISP Type: Cable/DSL/Fiber etc. - ->__________________
- ISP Provisioned Speed - - > _________________
Port3/"LAN3" = LAN
 Internal LAN network scheme?  (i.e.  - - > _______________
- DHCP on or off? - - > ___________
- If DHCP on, what DHCP range requested? __________
- If DHCP on, what DNS servers would you link us to set? (Defaults are and
- DHCP DNS Server1- >___________
- DHCP DNS Server2- >___________
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