Configuring a static public IP address on your Cloud-Link's WAN interface

In order to change the IP address on the Cloud-Link you need to download the attached tool and follow the detailed instructions included in the .rtf file within the archive.

Typically we discourage statically configuring the IP address on the WAN interface but understand that in some cases that is the way the ISP set it up.  


***These tools are NOT recommended for use with USB -> RJ45 dongles, please USE a BUILT-IN HARDWARE or other non-USB based Network Card only***

***Please READ full set of instructions in ZIP files and pay attention to plug into Cloud-Link WAN port as per instructions***

 ***If the tool is unable to connect to the Cloud-Link at the default address of, or is unable to send the "Configure" command, close the tool, right click the file, and click "Run As Administrator"***


Partner Configuration Tool (EXE)

*Run as Administrator on Windows 10

Some new OS have problems connecting to the Cloud-Link's/OmniShield WAN port using the JAR version, download the ZIP file from the following link, extract the folder, and run the .exe file contained within.


Partner Configuration Tool EXE (53 MB)


Partner Configuration Tool (JAVA/JRE) 


If the Java executable tool .jar file won't open on a Mac because of an "unknown publisher" error, follow these instructions:

Go to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow applications downloaded from > Anywhere



"Partner CL config tool" - Please note, this version of the tool requires JRE to be installed



How To Use The Tool

  1. Statically set your computer/laptop LAN interface to Leave the gateway and DNS boxes blank.
  2. Plug in an Ethernet cable from your computer/laptop’s LAN interface to the “WAN” interface of the Cloud-Link. Please make sure it is the WAN interface which is blue in color.
  3. Make sure the Cloud-Link is plugged in and powered up fully.
  4. Open the Cloud-Link Configuration Tool. The Java application requires an up to date Java Runtime Engine to be installed, while the EXE application does not.
  5. Click Connect to connect to the WAN interface. When the IP, Subnet, and Gateway boxes turn white, you are connected.
  6. Once the tool has connected, set the IP, net mask and gateway, and click Configure to push the settings. The configuration should be complete when the Configure button turns gray and the Connect button turns black. If the Configure button does not turn gray on Windows 10, close the tool, go back to the folder, right-click the tool, and click "Run As Administrator".
  7. Once the configuration is complete, close the tool and connect the Cloud-Link’s WAN port to your ISP’s modem/router.


If you're experiencing issues, please test both versions of the tool. If you have additional questions or are having additional issues with the tool, please email



---JAVA based tool below *Same as LINK2---

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