Cloud-Link does not connect (no connection to OmniNet-Cloud)

There could be various reasons why your cloud link isn't connecting to the OmniNet-Cloud. Below is a good step by step troubleshooting process.

  1. Make sure power is on and cables are all properly connected.

  2. Connect a laptop or computer to one of the LAN ports of the modem/router. Confirm the laptop gets an IP address and that it can access the Internet. Once you confirm you can reach the Internet, try to ping the name <clould-link serial number> The serial number is located on the bottom of the cloud-link. It will begin with "FAP14C3" or "FAP28C." An example of what to ping is "". It will likely not reply to the ping, but make sure it can resolve an ip address.

  3. If you have a UDP port scanner, check to make sure you can reach the IP you resolved above with UDP 5246.

    Using a Mac: Open the Terminal and then use the built-in NetCat command to test the port. Use the template below to test your specific address by replacing 1xx... with your target IP address you received in step 2.

    nc -vnzu 5246

    If this test fails, make sure that UDP port 5246 is allowed on any upstream firewalls or routers. This may require that you contact your ISP.

  4. If you are using PPPoE on DSL, check your max MTU using ping

    Using a Windows computer: ping -f -l 1452 (or replace the 1452 with another number) It will drop anything over the MTU limit.

    Make sure the router is configured with MTU 1452 or lower.

  5. If you need to assign a static IP address, refer to the Cloud-Link setup portion of the support site located here: Setup Help

  6. Feel free to email or with any additional questions.
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