Multi-Site Ordering and Activation process - Classic Only

***Important note:  At this time this article applies to Classic only (Cloud-Links and BYOG) and not OmniWAN.  Multi-site can be enabled manually for 2 or more OmniWAN subscriptions which are provisioned at the same datacenter on the same node.  Please contact support for details***

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Multi-site connectivity, when enabled, allows for full networking communication between two or more sites.


This feature requires a Pro subscription to start. Once a Pro has been ordered with Multi-site selected for the Primary site, any subsequent orders for OmniWan sites can take part in the multi-site solution.  These subsequent sites may use any other subscription level.


Starting a new Multi-site

Note: If you need port forwarding and/or a dedicated public IP on the Pro device, tick the "Add Dedicated Public IP" box to make your order a ProPlus


To initiate a multi-site configuration, lets order the Primary site first:


1. Start a new order and choose "Multi Site" (screenshot 1)

2. During the Pro subscription order process, you'll want to choose "Multi-site" on the Deployment screen.

3. Select "Yes" to the "Is this a new site?" option. Enter a name for the new multi-site network and continue.

4. Complete the rest of the ordering process as usual, and complete this first order. 

5. You now will have your first location for your new multi-site (screenshot 2)

6. Complete the wizard for the first site






Adding additional sites:

Note: Make sure each site has a unique network scheme(s).  You cannot have overlapping subnets in a multi-site setup, this will not work. Example Primary site: 192.168.15.X  Site2: 192.168.16.X Site3 192.168.17.X


When making a new order for any subsequent site that you want to have as part of the multi-site setup, you'll need to do the following.


1. Begin ordering process and choose a Multi-Site deployment

2. Select  "No  I'm adding to the existing network" option and then choose the named Multi-Site you created during the initial Pro order

3. Complete the order as usual to complete the subsequent site order.

4. Once the order is complete, go to Home page and choose "List View".  You should see you new order assigned to the multi-site name you chose.  

5. Complete the wizard for additional sites with unique network schemes

6. Once these steps have been completed, please submit a ticket to OmniNet support ( with the title "Multi-Site Setup." Include the device serial numbers in the body and OmniNet support will review your completed multi-site setup process to make sure no overlaps exist and then connect the sites.


Note: Multi-site orders should not be confused with the Multi-Network feature available with a single Pro Cloud-Link. They are separate features and configured in different locations.


Multi-Site Pre-deployment Tips:


- Make sure you understand deployment scenarios


- Be sure to become familiar with Partner Configuration Tool if configuring static IPs on Cloud-Link WAN port


- Run the wizard for each Multi-site subscription before deploying


- Make sure the networks do not overlap between sites


- Using a free Internet enabled LAN port on an existing network, plug in the Cloud-Link WAN port and make sure each Cloud-Link comes online and passes traffic as expected


- Pre-configure port forwarding if it is to be used at production deployment time

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