Blocked Website

Below is a good step by step troubleshooting process for sites being blocked for a reason other than Web/URL content filtering.


• Turn off security and try again. Can they now access the website without an issue?

• Get the URL or IP address they are attempting to access.

• Go into OmniNet's MDS Manager > Login > Select Cloud Link > Advanced tab > Security Bypass Rule

• Select Add New Rule

• If entering an URL address: Type By: URL > add both the https:// and http:// formats for the website. SAVE.

• If entering an IP address  Type By: IP > add IP address and Network Mask. SAVE.

• If the issue still persists. Submit a ticket with details on the source problem machine (Source IP and network info) - This is especially important if they are not using MDS DNS.

*If you are unsure what the Network Mask is, go to ( Enter IP address > Mask Bit and it will calculate the CIDR Netmask.

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