Cloud-link Reset to factory defaults


Cloud-links come with some minimal but specific configuration to allow them to connect to the MyDigitalShield filtering service.  This information is downloaded to the Cloud-link before shipping.  However, when someone resets the Cloud-link to factory defaults, we will need to place that information back onto the Cloud-link before it can come back online.



Help! Someone pressed the reset button on the Cloud-link and now it will not connect!



Use the partner configuration tool to add the necessary configuration back.

(Do not use USB to Ethernet dongles they are not compatible with the tool)


Using a windows PC or Laptop with a built-in network card do the following:

  1. Download Partner Configuration Tool from:

  2. Statically set your computer/laptop LAN interface to Leave the gateway and DNS boxes blank.
  3. Plug in an Ethernet cable from your computer/laptop’s LAN port to the “WAN” interface of the Cloud-Link. Please make sure it is the WAN interface which is blue in color
    (Port color is red on Pro model)
  4. Make sure the Cloud-Link is plugged in and powered up fully
  5. Run the downloaded tool from step 1, as Administrator
  6. Click Connect to connect to the WAN interface. When the IP, Subnet, and Gateway boxes turn white, you are connected.
  7. Once the tool has connected, leave the default settings (Or if using static WAN IP: set the IP, net mask and gateway) and then click Configure to push the settings. The configuration should be complete when the Configure button turns gray and the Connect button turns black. If the Configure button does not turn gray on Windows 10, close the tool, go back to the folder, right-click the tool, and click "Run As Administrator".
  8. Once the configuration is complete, close the tool and connect the Cloud-Link’s WAN port to your ISP’s modem/router.


If you have an issue with the above process, please contact us a for further assistance.

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