OmniNet Agent for Windows (Closed BETA)


Please note: This is a closed BETA at this time


Though you may be able to download the agent, you must have been accepted into the BETA program to be able to use it.  Please work directly with OmniNet support to check if have access to the BETA testing program.


If you have been invited to the BETA program, welcome!  Please follow the instructions below to begin testing.


Setup Instructions

(Windows operating systems only - Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10)


1. Login into your portal at 

2. Click on your subscription and go to “zones” tab 

3. You will see a new “Agent” box beside the OmniBridge graphic.



4. Click on that and then click "Create  Zone" (Subscription must be enabled for BETA)


5. Configure your Zone and Setup a user (or two) on the left side.


6. Install the latest verson from THIS LINK.

7. Launch "OmniNet for Windows" and sign in with your credentials (created in step 4)


8. Click connect!

OmniAgent-5.png   OmniAgent-connected.png


Thats it! Check your IP at


- You should be able to hit devices connected to the OmniBridge the subscription is tied to. 

- You will also have OmniShield security engines enabled and protecting your agent as configured in your Zone

- You public IP will be the same are the OmniWAN subscription you are connected through


Bonus round:  Run a test to confirm you are protected.  


Disconnecting and Signing Out


To Disconnect, simply click inside the green circle

OmniAgent-connected.png   OmniAgent-5.png



To sign out, click on the "About" link and then click "sign out".



Known missing features at this time

  1. Run as a service.
  2. Autorun, auto connect
  3. Additional platforms (OSX, IOS, Android) and Commodore64 j/k
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